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Members and visitors at the Club may have noticed the striking piece of artwork displayed at the bottom of the stairs, near our fish tank. The artwork was made as a thank you to Ryde-Eastwood Leagues Club for its continued support of the Rydalmere East Public School Autism Unit.

“Your support is greatly appreciated by students, teachers, staff and our whole school community” - Emma Lodewijks from Rydalmere East Public.

The Club really appreciates this gift and looks forward to continuing our support for the unit.  






On Sunday 5 November, members of the Fitness Edge and Ryde-Eastwood staff and families participated in the second annual RELC Fun Run/Walk (participants could run or walk 5km, 10km, or volunteer).  The Ryde-Eastwood Leagues Club Board of Directors donated $5,000 (plus the entry fee monies) to the Children’s Medical Research Institute.

We’d also like to announce the following times for our top 3 winners from each section:

10km Male
1st Adrian Wade 10km 37:55:58
2nd Logan Wade 10km 39:34:15
3rd Chris Adams 10km 46:23:33


10km Female
1st Emma Southeron 10km 45:33:53
2nd Cheryl Tarrant 10km 47:21:67
3rd Eiko Southeron 10km 50:26:25

5km Male
1st Adam Angelini 5km 21:56:42
2nd David Bennett 5km 22:55:19
3rd Luca Pozzato 5km 27:50:51

5km Female
1st Julie Crawford 5km 22:58:94
2nd Hannah Luke-Paddon 5km 28:55:14
3rd Colleen Maguire 5km 31:11:39


Ryde-Eastwood Leagues Club began supporting Genes for Jeans Day way back in 1997. This year club staff kept up its charitable tradition by donating for Genes for Jeans Day Sydney 2017.

“We had another great turnout in denim," says Human Resources Manager Joanne Luke. “Everywhere I looked in the club I saw staff wearing their jeans and committing to such a worthy cause. And the more money they donated, the more we as a club were able to contribute, as the Board of Directors match any money raised by staff.”

Every year since 1997, the team’s efforts have raised thousands of dollars to support programmes for The Children's Medical Research Institute to prevent leukemia, muscular dystrophy, genetic defects and many other disorders.

Ryde-Eastwood Leagues Club champions the true spirit of the Club Movement with an ongoing dedication to serve its community.



Christian Community Aid (CCA) located in Eastwood provide a range of Government funded services to Aged residents living in their own home.

Programs include Home Delivered Meals (Meals on Wheels) to suit specific dietary needs and also cater to different cultural needs.

CCA also offer a range of social lunch groups run weekly or fortnightly catering to different ethnic groups and provide door-to-door service.