Seniors Housing @ Ryde-Eastwood


Ryde-Eastwood Leagues has reached an exciting milestone with its vision of a Seniors Housing development, and would like to keep members and the community informed through 2022 as we look to bring this community benefit to life.

Ryde-Eastwood has a significant number of members over the age of 65 and the development of a Seniors Living Community would be an extension of our current member offering and one that will benefit the community as a whole. The provision of a Seniors Living Community associated with the club provides value to senior members looking for purpose-built and age-appropriate housing in a community setting.


The vision for the project is:
To provide high quality, modern seniors living accommodation with the numerous social services and facilities for the community that the club currently provides, with the development located in close proximity to the existing West Ryde Town Centre.

The Seniors Living Community will be designed as an aspiring offering to meet the evolving needs of RELC members and the broader community. The design principles will allow residents to ‘age-in-place’ and provide exemplary facilities and services offering a premium product above the standard of the existing residential market in the area. As such, it will be aspirational and relevant well into the future.

The project objectives include developing and operating a Seniors Living Community which:

  • Provides an accessible and high-quality seniors housing complex that is attractive to members and the broader community.
  • Embraces the concept and principles of community vitality.
  • Facilitates vibrancy and social interaction.
  • Leverages the existing facilities and services of the club (hence delivering synergies), with a strong link to our core values.
  • Supports ageing-in-place, through design and service provision.
  • Provides and promotes enjoyment of the outdoors and green spaces.
  • Enables intergenerational interaction.
  • Is sustainable, both environmentally as well as operationally.

The club recently engaged members with a survey to identify the key aspects of the project that ensures it provides an offering that meets the residents’ needs. We thank members for taking part and providing your valuable feedback. Key findings were presented on space needs, and facility and standards that will be key in its ongoing design and development.

Moving forward, we will continue to engage with members, the wider community and relevant parties including Council to develop an offering that adds value and relevance to the community.
We will listen to our members with the aim of creating an offering to be proud of and which replicates the current inclusions of the Club.

Over the coming months, we will provide further updates on the progression of the Seniors Housing Vision at Ryde-Eastwood Leagues Club.

If you have any questions, please email us at: